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What Does oil do to your car engine?

Oil covers and protects every internal part of your engine

When engine parts rub against one another, oil is always there between them, reducing friction and preventing damage – even though the pressures and forces are incredibly high. Oil also has special ingredients that suspend tiny particles of combustion soot, preventing the accumulation of dirt and deposits, and fight high temperature oxidation, keeping the oil flowing smoothly.

Our sales advisors specify the correct oil for your vehicle

Why do I need to change the Oil?

Oil is constantly battling against the stresses inside the engine. These can be thermal, at the hottest parts of the engine; chemical in resisting the acids, particulates and water that are made during combustion; or physical, in resisting the tremendous forces and speeds in modern engines

Oil Change

Our sales advisers suggest an appropriate oil change interval to give the right protection and performance. Some modern cars will also indicate when an oil change is due on the instrument cluster

When the oil is changed, it is prudent to change the filter at the same time. The oil filter collects all the dirt and combustion by-products which the oil catches on its journey around the engine. Fitting a fresh filter with new oil will keep your engine in the best condition for maximum performance.

How should I check Oil level?

Different cars have different appetites for oil consumption, but one thing is certain: running at a low oil level puts more stress on the oil than the designers intended and can seriously reduce the life of both the oil and engine.

The oil level can be checked by using the dipstick under the bonnet. Your handbook will show you the location of the dipstick, and advise the best and safest method to check the oil. Some modern vehicles have an electronic oil level sensor which will indicate when it is time to top the engine up.

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