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Featured 17 Oct Do Not Forget These Key Terms Before Buying New Tyres

Do Not Forget These Key Terms Before Buying New Tyres

Tyres are one of the most important and neglected parts of the car, a lot of factors of a car depend on tyres, as normal people you might not see them but we make sure that our customers never have to compromise with quality. Some of the important reasons that you should consider why tyres are important- how your car is going to perform depends on your tyres, if your car has best quality tyres then wheel alignment and wheel balancing of your car has to be accurate therefore giving you a comfortable ride inside or in simple words enhances the stability, on every bumpy road and unseen dips, your tyres take up all the road stress and act as a cushion and protects your car from internal damage, also make sure your tyres are properly inflated as firstly it enhances tyre performance and also enhances your driving movement when your drive as when tyres are not properly inflated there are chances that your car might drag sideways so to keep your car straight and have better control over steering tyres play a major role. 

Now you are quite aware that tyres play a major role in your car and hence it is important to know more about your tyres. Make sure you remember these terms before you buy new tyres for your car. These are the few terms :


  • 1. Know Your Vehicle Type 

Just take an example from your daily life suppose you want to buy a pair of shoes for yourself and shopkeeper shows you a bigger size or smaller size, you immediately reject it because they are not according to your foot size, in the same way, every car has a different tyre need and they perform best when they are fitted in the tyres which are particularly meant for them. So you see tyre shopping is quite similar to normal shoe shopping which is why SUVs, trucks, campers, and other vehicles have different tyre needs! Just observe the tread pattern of trucks and you’ll see that they have thicker tread than other vehicles. The reason behind it is to provide better traction and it also helps to stop the truck easily when brakes are applied as trucks carry heavy loads and to ensure safety tyres are different. 

On the other hand, campers have different sets of tyres with thicker rubber to hold the heavyweight of the camper itself. So you see how different vehicles have different tyre needs so be careful next time when buying tyres for your car. 


  • 2. Runflat Tyres 

These tyres are designed in a special way where your tyre might not go flat as soon your car runs over something sharp and protects it from getting punctured or loss of pressure. But this doesn’t mean that your tyre will never need any replace or repair, run-flat tyres are not designed to remain permanent. Run Flat tyres can be used in case you drive near places where there is more debris on the road and construction sites or if you are living in crowded cities. 


  • 3. Aspect Ratio of Tyre 

When we talk about the aspect ratio of a tyre we are discussing the relation of the width of the tyre to its height. Now you must be thinking what is the use of the aspect ratio of tyres. There are 2 cases to consider just in case if the tyre is shorter than less noise of the tyre will be less and also it will offer better handling on-road so shorter tyres might provide better grip on poor road or weather conditions. On the other hand, if your car has bigger tyres or a high aspect ratio then tyres might be cheaper but the grip and handling of those tyres may not give your vehicle handling that it deserves. Hence tyre size plays an important role in your vehicle.  

We hope we are making your driving choices better and more informative. To know more about our services and products you can visit our website www.ajmeratyres.com or give us a call on our customer care service- 888 2 77 99 99

Drive Safe!!