Know the various types of tyres

By construction, there are two types of tyres - Bias and Radial tyres. The method of construction affects the durability, ride and also the fuel economy of the tyres. In India, the radial tyres are mostly used in cars whereas the bias tyres are still primarily employed in 2 wheeler tyres, 3 wheeler tyres and 4 wheeler tyres. In a preference type of construction, the tyres have belts called as plies that give a shape to it. They may be the layers of polyester, fibreglass or steel cords embedded in the rubber of a tyre. A bias type of tyre has a layered belt running at angles to each other to the body of the tyre.
Now, according to a radial type of construction, these car tyres have a belt at a 90-degree angle to the tyre, so that the straps overlap rather than crossing with each other. These tyres also have another belt which is made of steel cord and is continuously running around the tyre under the tread. This type of construction usually enables the sidewall of the tyres to flex under loads without affecting the contacts of the tread with the road.
There are many types of tyres online that you can buy for your car, motorcycle, scooter & moped, and the tyre that you choose depends on the usage of your vehicle, the place you live in, the way you ride your car, and numerous other factors are responsible for your tyre selection. Some of the different types of tyres are as follows:
  • Summer Tyres : These tyres are designed for faster-running cars or for people who drive harder than a regular consumer. They give a good performance and a grip by using a soft rubber compound. Summer tyres are mostly employed in sports cars. These tyres are also made from tubetype tyres.
  • All-Season Tyres : These type of tyres are found mostly in every car manufactured and coming out of the factory. Such tyres are designed to compromise between grip, performance, wet-weather safety, noise and longevity. They are made of a hard rubber compound for increased tyre life.
  • Wet-weather Tyres : Unlike all-season tyres uses a hard rubber compound; the wet-weather tyres use a softer compound than the summer tyres. The mechanical grip is said to be a little low in these tyres.
  • Special Winter Tyres : Such type of tyres are designed to work in icy winter conditions, like in snow and ice on the roads. They have a larger and noisier tread block patterns.
  • Nylon Tyres : This type of tyres are used for heavy loaded vehicles, as it is cross ply tyres having fibres of nylon layered in a diagonal which provides high side-wall stability to the tyres.
  • RFT Tyres : Run Flat Tyres are specially designed for use where there is no air in the tyre, this is subject to road conditions and vehicle speed. It is mainly used in cars.
  • Tubeless Tyres : Tyres that have no tubes are tubeless. Tubeless tyres are capturing the marketing and replacing the old ones. These are the weight less ones and has less chance of unbalancing. It is safer than tyres with tubes.