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Tyres provide traction for moving a vehicle, and assist the brakes in stopping. When properly inflated, they absorb bumps on the road and provide a smooth ride. To operate smoothly, it is essential that a tyre and wheel be properly inflated and balanced. Tyre unbalance will cause a poor ride, excessive tyre wear and result in steering and suspension unit wear due to continual shaking.

To compensate for variations in tyre wear, most manufacturers recommend tyre rotation and spin balance every 10,000 KM.

Why should I rotate my Tyres?

Each tyre on your car supports different amount of weight. This unequal weight distribution causes your tyres to wear at different rates

  • Regular and proper tyre rotation promotes more uniform wear for all the tyres on a vehicle. Tyre should be rotated every 10000 km as per the diagram. The first rotation is the most important.

  • If the tyres show uneven wear, ask the serviceman to check and correct any misalignment, imbalance, or other mechanical problem before rotation.

  • When tyres are rotated, inflation pressures must be adjusted according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Do not rotate the tyre when the vehicle uses different sizes in front and rear wheel position.

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