We know how our roads are. There are potholes everywhere, debris on the roads and plenty of obstacles to avoid. Properly maintained tyres can generally handle the bumps and scrapes but inevitably one unforeseen road hazard can peril your investment even when tyre is new. supports the tyre manufacturers' warranties for all of the tyre brands that we sell. Those warranties apply to tyres that become unusable for any reason within the tyre manufacturer's control, typically covering materials and workmanship. However, these warranties do not apply to causes and conditions beyond the tyre manufacturer's control, such as road hazards. Because of this the Tyre Road Damage Warranty Program provides the valuable additional security and peace of mind.

Road hazard damage is damage that occurs when a tyre fails as a result of a puncture, bruise or break incurred during the course of normal driving on a maintained road. Nails, glass and potholes are the most common examples of road hazards.

By buying tyres, covered under this plan, customer is entitled to a free tyre replacement when road hazard damage occurs within the first 2 years of purchase. Internationally similar additional warranty is priced between 10-20% of the price of a new tyre. brings this feature to select set of tyre in India free of cost to its customer for the introductory period.

You are eligible for benefits of this plan if you are the original purchaser or authorized agent of the original purchaser of new passenger car tyres from and if your tyres have been used only on the vehicle for which they were originally designed according to the vehicle's manufacturer's recommendation.

When you purchase eligible tyres online from and provide your Vehicle Registration Number you are automatically registered under the plan.

In case you purchase tyres from a Franchisee/affiliated Dealer you shall need to register your warranty on registration tab above.

We send an Electronic Warranty Certificate along with Product Invoice or upon registration. Please ask for a copy if you have not received or saved the original mail.
  • Replacement for tyre damage warranty plan
    If an eligible tyre suffers road hazard damage before its tread has worn down to 50% (6 mm), will replace it with a comparable new tyre or give credit towards the purchase of a new tyre.
  • What is a Comparable Tyre?
    A comparable tyre is a new tyre of the same line or, if the tyre is out of production, a tyre with the same basic construction and quality and with a similar sidewall and tread configuration.
  • Where to receive the Service provided under the Tyre Protection Plan
    •   Contact us online with the description of the damage and citing your customer ID/Order Number.
    •   We shall direct you to the nearest/convenient Ajmera Tyres location where you shall be required to send the damaged tyre and get the replacement tyre fitted. Our service team shall coordinate and organize inspection and delivery of replacement Tyres.
  • Exclusions of Tyre Protection Plan
    •   Normal cut / impact / puncture that are repairable. Covered if the the damage is irreparable (beyond repair).
    • If the tyre has has been left with the tread depth less than 50% of the original tread depth (less than 6 mm of tread remaining).
    •   Any manufacturing defects. ( which in any case is covered by Tyre Manufacturers Standard Warranty).
    •   Tyre damage due to fire, wreck, vandalism, accidents and collision. Intentional Damage.
    •   Vehicle used for hire and reward or racing.
  • What would be Road Damage Replacement Warranty period?
    Unconditional Tyre Warranty shall be offered against Road Hazard damage that may occur within 2 years from the date of purchase or up to 50% of the Original Tread Depth remaining in the tyre, whichever occurs first.
  • Will my Tyre Manufacturer's warranty lapse?
    Not at all, Unconditional Warranty is offered on your tyres is in addition to Manufacturer's warranty and this policy picks up when your standard warranty leaves you uncovered for usage related damage,
  • No other tyre dealer or tyre retailer is giving the warranty which you are extending . Is it for real?
    Yes, this warranty is for real and offered by Ajmera Tyres. These kind of warranties are common in West and what we are doing is to bring best global business practices in tyre trade to India. . Internationally this product is offered as a Road Hazard Cover and charged between 10-20% of the tyre price per tyre. We are happy to introduce this concept free of charge to our customers for a limited time.
  • How the damaged tyre will be inspected?
    Tyre under complaint will be examined and inspected by Service Engineer and their deposition in the failure shall be final. You may have to deposit the tyre at the nearest Ajmera Tyres location for the necessary inspection.
  • I do not have Ajmera Tyres fitment center in my city . Can I still claim my warranty claim ? If yes, how?
    Yes, you can still claim the Warranty. You can directly get in touch with team. You may have to arrange the shipment of tyre to the nearby location for the necessary inspection.
  • What I need to present ChangeMyTyre for the claim:
    You need to present the following to the's Service Engineer or authorized Fitment centre.
    •   Order Reference/Invoice Number ( We shall help track it for you).
    •   The Damaged tyre
    •   Ajmera Tyres Warranty Card ( In case you have purchased the tyre from an Offline Ajmera Tyres Sales Location).
  • Do I need to get my tyres registered?
    Eligible Tyres purchased online are Automatically Registered. You shall be sent a Warranty Certificate to your email address. In case you purchase tyres from a Franchisee Location or an affiliated dealer you shall be required to register the tyres online and we shall send you the confirmation on successful registration.
  • I have purchased your tyres from a tyre dealer but he is not on your list of fitment centers. Is the warranty still valid?
    Yes the warranty will still be valid provided you have got Ajmera Tyres warranty card against that purchase and the same has been registered with us.
  • I have purchased the tyres from a dealer and he says that it is covered under Ajmera Tyres warranty and he says that there is no need for the card. Is the warranty still valid?
    No the warranty assurance given by you the dealer is then false. If you are buying a Ajmera Tyres product offline please insist on the warranty card and get the same registered with us to ensure that your warranty is valid.