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A/C Gas Refilling

Did you know your air conditioner drops charge every season, which makes it less effective and makes your car warmer? Our air conditioning solutions keep your AC effective by verifying and topping up the refrigerant stages. Our car AC services in Nagpur also includes washing the air flow to sustain icy cool air outcome and get rid of any unpleasant scents – and the viruses that cause them.

Main car traders may cost the world for this service, but at Ajmera we can do it for you for a lower cost – significance you can keep your cool. Our in-store professionals can provide you with the following services:

We now give you FREE air conditioners examine, to examine your refrigerant stages and see if they need to be lead up for maximum efficiency. If they do need topping up, you can buy all of the AC requirements from shop to renew centre, you can guide in for our AC servicing support and we can deal with it for you.