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Featured 17 Oct Understand The Importance Of Wheel Alignment

Understand The Importance Of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment refers to a proper adjustment with the vehicle's suspension- an organized system that builds a connection of wheels with the vehicle. The perfect alignment is one where all the tyres are well adjusted as this angle adjustment is responsible for how your tyres are making contact with the road. Wheel alignment determines the handling of the vehicle, it can increase the wear and tear of the tyre and pull the tyres in one or the other direction. 

There is no rocket science in getting your wheels aligned. All you need to do is get your car to a service center, and they will place your vehicle on a wheel alignment machine. 

You must be wondering when I should get my wheels aligned or what is the right time to get my wheels aligned? The answer to this question is most of the manufacturers recommend to get your wheel alignment checked after 6 months or 10,000km whichever you complete first. 

It is advised that if you hit any pothole or curb you should get your suspension and steering damage checked and wheel alignment too as just shocks can cause damage. 

  • Now let’s understand the common alignment angles in detail :


  • 1. Caster Angle

The angle at which the front suspension is positioned about the vertical position is known as Caster. It cannot be set anywhere else other than the front suspension of the car. This angle is not visible with the naked eye but it can be measured with proper wheel alignment equipment. 

There are various wheel alignment services in Nagpur from where you can easily get your Caster angle checked as they are well equipped with alignment tools.  

This angle is set in such a way that it provides steering stability and also assists in the steering when you drive at higher speeds as it is positioned in such that way. Whenever you turn your steering wheel it is the caster that puts your wheel back into its original state. This angle doesn’t have any effect on the wear and tear of the tyres .


  • 2. Camber Angle

Camber is an angle that you might be able to see when you look at the tyres of any vehicle. There is a slight tilt on top of the tyre and this slight angle is in accordance with how tyre sits on the road. 

Under camber there are two small categories- if you look closely at the wheels of your tyre, you can see the top of the tyre tilted inside meaning towards the vehicle then your vehicle will be having negative camber. But on the other side while wheel checking if you see the wheel tilting out of the vehicle then it will be classified as positive camber. 

At maximum places vehicles are set at neutral or slightly negative camber as this set up allows for an even tyre wear, but in sports cars, you can see more negative camber as this may increase handling capacity at high speeds.   

With more negative camber the inside of the tyre might wear off early and with more positive camber the outside of the tyre will wear off at an early stage. 


  • 3. Toe Angle

The most common type of wheel alignment adjustment is the Toe angle. It can be taken as the vertical or perpendicular position of the tyres. 

Just consider walking with your toes pointed inwards such adjustment is known as Toe-in and if your feet are outwards and straight without toe then this placement is known as Toe-out. 

This angle can be set on the front and back of the tyres of any vehicle and it is typically set at nearly zero or straight. Too much of Toe-out or in can lead to instability at higher speeds, and gradually tyre wear also increases as the vehicle fights in response to the excessive angle of the tyre. 

You must have got to know that wheel alignment is an important part of vehicle maintenance and it is something people often neglect. We hope now you are more informed about your tyres and vehicle. To know more about how to maintain tyres you can visit our website www.ajmeratyres.com or call on customer care service- 888 2 77 99 99

Till Then Drive Safe!