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Featured 17 Oct Tips To Tyre Care And Maintenance

Tips To Tyre Care And Maintenance

The lifespan of any car depends on how much effort you put in its maintenance and care. For a better driving experience care is important, many centers provide vehicle maintenance services in Nagpur, one of them is Ajmera Tyres with trained employees and years of experience in the Tyre Industry. Tyres demand extra care as they are the only part which is in direct contact with the road and they go through rough conditions. So let’s take one step towards understanding how we can care for tyres: 


  • 1. Tyre Inspection

The first step towards tyre maintenance is to look for possible damages that can happen to your tyre. The general condition of tyre says a lot itself so if you see anything unusual like a cut, bulge, crack, knots, or air loss then it is better to knock on the door of your car dealer and have an expert opinion for safety. 


  • 2. Keep A Check On Inflation Pressure Of Tyres

Every car comes with a manual where you can easily check for the recommended levels of inflation pressure for your car tyres. This one thing can be considered one of the most important things as it helps in the long-lasting stability of tyres.

One the biggest reason for tyre damage is under inflation which leads to severe cracks and loss of air in tyres. This mostly leads to excessive sidewall flexing, reduced lead capacity, increased rolling distance which further directs to mechanical damage as more heat gets generated.

Tyre maintenance is no easy job where under-inflation is harmful, over inflation is harmful too, as stiffness in tyres increases the driver might feel uncomfortable while driving, unwanted vibration can be felt too!  


  • 3. Prevent Overloading Vehicle

You are provided with a vehicle manual where you can check for the load limit of your vehicle. Indian vehicles are overloaded most of the time but what you need to know is that overloading puts up stress on the tyres and also on other vital vehicle parts. This may lead to poor handling, tyre damage and extra fuel consumption than normal. Make sure you are aware of the load capacity of your new tyres, never compromise on these little things because they seem small now, but they might prove out to be dangerous in the future. The Simplest tyre care tip to make sure you don’t overload. 


  • 4. Avoid Excessive Spinning of Tyre

People often try to spin tyres excessively when they get stuck in sand, snow, or mud. This can be considered a heavy vehicle care tip as they are most commonly used in such seasons. When you spin so much you generate heat inside the tyre and this may lead to irreparable damage. Try to be calm and soft when you are doing forward and backward motion because pushing too hard is not going to help to get your vehicle out. 


  • 5. Consult Experienced Centres

Asking questions is your right when you are paying! If you are buying new tyres or getting your tyres repaired it’s important to know about the background of the centres. There are many types of people in the same market, you don’t want to land up with poor quality. Ajmera tyres is a vehicle service centre where you can expect only quality and the service that you deserve as a consumer. Value for money service and our experience is something you don’t want to miss for your vehicle. Also, every fourth tire sold in Nagpur is of Ajmera Tyres!! 


These were a few tips that will help you be more watchful and awake for your tyres. You never know on which road you might need them someday because these are common incidents that we deal with on a daily basis. Our family! To know more about how to maintain tyres you can visit our website www.ajmeratyres.com or call on customer care service - 888 2 77 99 99.

Till Then Drive Safe!