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Featured 17 Oct Causes Of Tyre Damage and How To Control It

Causes Of Tyre Damage and How To Control It

There are various conditions that can affect the tyres of your car. It is imperative to take care of your tyres more than any other part as they are only the part which is in sole contact of the road, if your tyres are not in a good position then the direct impact comes to the vehicle. So knowing the common causes of tyre damage will make you more alert and vigilant. The most common tyre damage is tyre burst and it occurs mostly due to the release of the pressurized air inside the tyre. If we go in-depth then it is often observed that the internal structure of tyres loses its capacity and that is the point when tyre is not able to hold enough air. This air escapes through tears leading to severe explosion and damage to the tyre surface. Let’s understand why tyre burst happens and it causes: 


  • 1. High-Temperature Range

We are aware of the Indian climate and due to this hot climate, most of the year tyres get affected. Heat is not good for vehicles and tires. When excessive heat fills up the tire it leads to tyre burst. According to Gay Lussac’s law, it has been stated that with an increase in temperature, pressure increases too in other words temperature is directly proportional to pressure. The surrounding heat makes the inside air hotter, pressurized, and eventually expands. Also, there is friction between road and tires, on a hot summer day, this increases to many folds. Friction makes the outside tyre hotter and rubber weakens from inside so on hot days with old tyres your vehicle is on the edge of tyre burst. 


  • 2. Under Inflation 

Approximately 75% of tyre bursts occur because of under-inflation. Under-inflation means when the pressure inside the tire is not right. Excessive flexing is a common phenomenon with under-inflated tyres as the contact of tyre is much more in this case. The frictional force also increases as the tyre is in more contact with the road so the heat build up is more, point to be noted is that heat build-up, in this case, is much more than high temperature. So the tyre damage reason is the same as above, hotter inside, more pressure, and more expansion and BOOM, the tyre is gone! But the incidence of this happening is quite higher in the high temperature.


  • 3. Over Speeding 

Every tyre that you see in the market is made with a particular speed rate at which the tyre functions properly. The construction of tyres is done in such a way that they can tolerate speeding up to that point only. If the car speed goes beyond that point then the internal structure of the tyre might not tolerate the high speed and high friction and this may lead to tyre burst. This is another tyre damage type where more heat will be generated inside the tyre because of more friction and bursting due to structural limitations.

But every problem has a solution. In the above points, we talked about possible reasons behind tyre damage but now we’ll talk about solutions on how to avoid tyre damages.  


  • 4. Keep A Check On Tyre Pressure 

One of the major causes of tyre burst is under inflation. As the heat outside increases, the pressure inside the tire increases, and as the temperature goes down pressure goes down. So it is better that you are updated with the weather conditions around you and make sure you are aware of the ideal pressure that needs to be maintained! 


  • 5. Avoid Overload Trouble 

It is good to do carpool but making your car a bus? We Indians often overload our cars to save money and time but this might turn out to be your last ride. Every car can carry a certain amount of weight. If you overload your car beyond that then it can turn out to be dangerous. So make sure you don’t overload your car.  


  • 6. Keep A Quality Check On Your Tyres

Every tyre needs replacement after a certain time, old and rugged tires can prove to be dangerous so make sure you keep quality and check, and if you feel uneasy while driving do not forget to check for cuts in tyre. 

You must have understood the common causes of tyre damage and what you can do to prevent them. Make sure you remember these points and ensure safety for yourself and your family! To know more about tyre damage and puncture repairs you can visit our website www.ajmeratyres.com or give us a call on our customer care service- 888 2 77 99 99

Drive Safe!